John McCain Launches a Blog

Posted on June 11, 2008

McCain ReportJohn McCain recently launched a new blog called the The McCain Report. The tagline of the blog is a "blog you can believe in." The Nation reports that a McCain campaign spokesperson sent out the following description of the new blog.
The blog will offer a fresh perspective and will include quotes, the candidate's schedule and photos not available anywhere else. As a part of our continual effort to reach voters, allow unprecedented access and bring greater transparency to American politics, our blog 'The McCain Report' will provide a sounding board for all.
The Nation accurately notes that John McCain trails his opponent Barack Obama when it comes to the Internet. Obama's camp has done very well in staying ahead of social networking trends like Facebook and Twitter. However, neither McCain's or Obama's team has yet set-up an account on the latest social hit Plurk. Both candidates have their own social networks - McCainSpace and my.BarackObama.

The Nation also notes that at least at one point McCain's site had a link to the leftist DailyKos blog so they have been making an effort to link out.

John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain also has a blog, called McCainBlogette. This blog is no longer available but she can be found on Twitter, @MeghanMcCain.

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