J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy Arrives in Bookstores

Posted on September 30, 2012

J.K. Rowling's adult novel, The Casual Vacancy, is now in stores. Harry Potter-like sales are not expected for the new book, but it has already shot up to #1 on Amazon.com's bestseller list. Newsday reports that publisher Little, Brown printed 2 million hardcover copies of the novel.

J.K. Rowling says she came up with the idea for the novel during a tour for Deathly Hallows in the U.S. The idea hit her on an airplane. In an interview with Nightline co-anchor Cynthia McFadden, J.K. calls the novel a "comic tragedy." She also explains how Rihanna's song, "Umbrella," plays a role in the book.

J.K. read from her book at the Southbank Centre in London and sat for an interview. She admitted enjoying keeping the book a secret from everyone for a couple years. She says she spent the two years on the book telling herself she doesn't have to publish it. She says, "It was just a lovely place to be in after Potter." She says, "I spent a couple years really luxuriating in the feeling that no one knew what I was doing."

However, she says she always knew she was going to publish it. J.K. says, "Setting aside Salinger, you write to be published." Take a look:

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