Hyperion To Publish Bob Newhart's Memoir

Posted on March 11, 2005

Hyperion has announced plans to publish a memoir by Bob Newhart. The book, the comedy legend's first, is scheduled for publication in fall 2006. A book of humor, the tome will be organized thematically and will include stories and anecdotes from throughout Bob Newhart's life and career, as well thoughts and observations on a multitude of topics. Schwalbe negotiated with Newhart manager, Joseph Bongiovi, of Monarch Entertainment, and the Endeavor Agency. Hyperion retains first serial, audio, world English and translation rights.

Hyperion editor-in-chief Will Schwalbe said, "He is a national treasure. We are thrilled to be publishing his first-ever book, which promises to be every bit as funny and delightful as Bob Newhart himself -- which is really saying something. We hope this is the first of many books between Mr. Newhart and Hyperion."

Bob Newhart has been entertaining the English-speaking world for a half-century. His classic comedy routines have been honed to perfection since he was an accountant in Chicago years ago. Since 1962, Newhart has appeared in 14 feature films, including In and Out and Catch 22. He's also provided character voices for major animated films.

"To have gone from stand-up to comedy records to TV to film and then back to TV again has been an amazing journey and now I get to tell people all about it in a book; I'm very excited about this project," said Newhart.

Newhart, who headlined three long running network series, including The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart, plans a variety of projects in 2005, including more acting roles, Las Vegas shows, a concert tour and a DVD. The first season of a TV classic, The Bob Newhart Show, will also be released on DVD this April.

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