Hot Trend: Microblogging on Twitter

Posted on May 5, 2008

TwitterThe hottest trend going right now is microblogging on Twitter. So what's a microblog? What's a twitter? Twitter is a microblogging service where entries can only be 140 characters long. In addition to letting you keep up-to-date on what your friends and families are doing Twitter can also be a great place to share your latest book project and interact with fellow bloggers and writers. You can have a blog and a twitter: the twitter entries are short and sweet and can end with a link of interest. An individual twitter entry is called a "tweet."

To join Twitter just go to and complete the information. Once you have a Twitter account you can immediately start tweeting. It's free. You can also get other people's tweets by "following" them. Their tweets will show up on your Twitter home page as they occur. You can twitter from anywhere you have an internet connection. We know people that tweet from their Blackberries while they wait in line.

You can fan follow us on Twitter, @writerswrite.

Now before you write in and complain to us that you barely have time to keep your blog updated, much less have time to tweet during the day, consider this: it's the information age! What's wrong with you? Don't you feel the need to share what you had for breakfast with all your friends/family/fans/readers? A life untweeted is a life unknown.

Yes, we're kidding. But even if you don't tweet yourself, you can always read interesting breaking news on twitter while you're stuck in the carpool lane.

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