Hearst Planning New Print Magazine Launch in 2016

Posted on January 5, 2015

Print magazines are not completely dead. While many of them are having trouble attracting and retaining readers there are still new ones launch each month. Professor Samir Husni, known as Mr. Magazine, says that there were 855 new magazines published in 2014.

Husni says the 855 figure was an increase of 21% compared to the number of new titles published in 2013. The New York Post notes the figure is considerably less than the 1,056 new magazines launched in 1998 but it still feels like a lot of new magazines for 2014. Husni says most of the new launches in 2014 were in the special interest publications category. Husni also says he spends nearly $28,000 a year buying magazines.

Hearst is reportedly planning to launch a major new print magazine. The magazine is slated to launch early next year. Ad Age reports that Hearts president David Carey sent out a memo to staff saying the company is in "in conversations now with possible joint-venture partners."

There are no details about what category the new magazine will fall in. Ad Age says Hearst has recently tested a couple women's titles, including TrendingNY and Branche (through Marie Claire). Hearst's most notable recent big launched was Dr. Oz The Good Life. Hearst could look for another influential celebrity to partner with or it could try and create a new brand with a glossy print magazine. Neither is easy to do in an age when print advertising is difficult and readers are increasingly using tablets and the web to find content.

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