Harlequin Launches Online Book Serial

Posted on March 23, 1999

Harlequin's Romance.net website has launched its first major on-line book serial, A Perfect Family, by international bestselling author Penny Jordan. The story will be posted on the Romance.net website one chapter per week until the book's conclusion on June 1.

A Perfect Family is the story of the Crighton family, a group rich with position, power and wealth. But with such fortune invariably comes jealousy and spite, and when three generations of Crightons gather at the family estate for a fiftieth birthday party, the planned celebration turns into a bitter battle for power - with the family inheritance as the prize.

Harlequin's first major on-line book is the center of a promotion for Penny Jordan's ongoing Crighton family series. The Romance.net website will also feature the opportunity for visitors to purchase the new audio book version of this romantic family saga, as well as the paperback editions of the other titles in this series. The on-line book's concluding chapter will be coupled with the release of the newest title in the series, The Perfect Sinner (MIRA Books, July 1999).

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