Hallmark Announces Maya Angelou Greeting Cards

Posted on November 17, 2000

Poet laureate Dr. Maya Angelou has signed a licensing agreement with Hallmark Cards Inc., to collaborate on the creation of ``The Maya Angelou Collection from Hallmark,'' a new line of products featuring exclusively penned poetry and sentiments. This offering will feature greeting cards and specialty gifts that may comprise framed sentiments, treasure keepers, and journals.

Best known for her poems ``And Still I Rise'' and ``Phenomenal Woman'' and her autobiographical series, which includes I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Dr. Angelou is admired for her ability to present insightful perspectives through her writing, which crosses gender, cultural, and racial boundaries.

``Dr. Angelou's voice of hope resonates within all of us,'' said Paul Barker, Hallmark senior vice president - creative product development. ``Her words of love, joy, grief, and courage have been a particular source of inspiration to women across the globe. Dr. Angelou will use these themes to create new poetry that will be featured in the collection.''

``My partnership with Hallmark creates a new way for my message to reach millions of women and families, many of whom may not be familiar with my work, but most of whom seek an expanded viewpoint on courage, spirituality, and personal expression,'' Dr. Angelou said. ``It is my hope that through this collaboration with Hallmark, I can help provide the inspiration to others to love life and persevere through all of its challenges.''

Hallmark will back the new line with a significant marketing campaign that includes advertising and public relations in support of the products that will be available to consumers wherever Hallmark products are sold. Additionally, Maya Angelou is featured in The Runaway, an upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame movie scheduled for broadcast Sunday, Dec. 10, 2000, on CBS. In the coming of age drama Angelou plays a powerful Conjure Woman, a mysterious older woman who has mythical powers.

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