Haights Cross Acquires Personal Best Communications

Posted on May 1, 2005

Haights Cross Communications, Inc. (HCC) announced that it has acquired Scott Publishing, dba Personal Best Communications, Inc., a closely held Edmonds, WA-based publisher of employee wellness newsletters, calendars, and web-based products. The company was established in 1989 as Scott Publishing, founded by Donald R. Scott and Diane McReynolds. The company will join Haights Cross Communications' Oakstone Publishing unit, Oakstone Wellness Publishing.

Personal Best Communications' flagship product, the Personal Best newsletter, was established in 1982 when Donald R. Scott was associated with a private organization. Now published in multiple editions, the newsletter provides information and guidance on individual and family issues related to health, wellness, nutrition, and safety. The company has produced health/wellness calendars for 11 years and fully customized publications since 1989. Its products are read regularly by well over two million individuals in the United States and Canada, including employees and clients of corporations, managed care and insurance companies, government agencies, schools, and other health-related organizations.

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