Gallup: Most Americans Back Hillary for Secretary of State

Posted on November 20, 2008

This will be devastating news to Chris Matthews: a new Gallup poll shows that most Americans are in favor of Hillary Clinton becoming Barack Obama's Secretary of State.

A new Gallup Poll finds a majority of Americans (57%) in favor of Barack Obama appointing Hillary Clinton as the secretary of state in his administration. Thirty percent oppose it.

The poll, conducted Nov. 18, was taken as the political world buzzed with the possibility that Obama will bring his chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination into his cabinet in a high profile role. As secretary of state, Clinton would be the top U.S. official for conducting foreign policy. Democrats strongly endorse the idea of Obama making this move, with 79% in favor of it. Most Republicans, not surprisingly, oppose the idea, while a majority of independents (57%) favor it.

Prominent Republicans such as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Jon Kyl (Arizona) and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger have praised the idea, saying that she would do a great job. The question is: does she want to give up her Senate Seat? Given the fact that Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle have staked out leadership claims on the healthcare issue, Hillary may feel she can do more for the country as Secretary of State. I think she's do a fabulous job. And with Bill Clinton vowing transparency with his international speaking and Clinton Global Initiative activities, there seems to be nothing to get in the way. One way or another, we'll know before Thanksgiving.

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