First Superman Comic Sells for Over $2.1 Million

Posted on December 2, 2011

Action Comics No1

A copy of the first issue of Action Comics, which introduces Superman, was sold for $2.16 million after 50 bids at an auction held by had listed the value of the comic before the action as $1,050,000.

ComicConnect says Action Comics No. 1 is the most important comic book. ComicConnect writes, "Some comic books go in and out of fashion. Action Comics #1 will never be one of those books. The most important comic book in the history of comics. The introduction of the archetype of all other heroes to come. Superman transcends comic books, transcends pop culture, he is an icon of Truth, Justice and The American Way! Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, it is said that Siegel's fathers' death after a robbery at his secondhand clothing store could have served as the inspiration for the Man of Steel."

Reuters reports that 100 copies of Action Comics No. 1 are thought to exist. The comic sold at the ComicConnect auction is believed to be the highest graded copy.

Photo: ComicConnect

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