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Advice to the Younger Fiction Writer by Alex Keegan

Are You Dead Certain? by Hazel Edwards

Art Of Dramatic Writing, The by Lajos Egri

Art of Telling Lies, The by Alex Keegan

Be Your Own Editor--Part I by Alex Keegan

Be Your Own Editor--Part II by Alex Keegan

Be Your Own Editor--Part III by Alex Keegan

Be Your Own Editor--Part IV by Alex Keegan

Before You Write by Patrika Vaughn

Beginner -- Don't Write That Novel! by Alex Keegan

Breaking Through Writer's Block by Troy Hughes

Character Archetypes in Fiction by Writers Write Staff

Character Flaws by Writers Write Staff

Choosing a Writing Teacher by Alex Keegan

Choosing Your Story by Stephen J. Cannell

Contract Bridge and Writing: How to Become a Grand Master by Alex Keegan

Creating the Perfect Setting by Alex Keegan

Creating the Perfect Setting -- Part II by Alex Keegan

Creative Writing Myths by Alex Keegan

Dealing With Rejection by Alex Keegan

Determining Word Count by Writers Write Staff

Dialogue, A Few Sins and A Sinner by Alex Keegan

Epublishing Overview by Writers Write Staff

Flash Fiction: Good Things Come in Small Packages by Jack Goodstein

Founding a Fiction Factory by Doug Rennie

Getting Into Print: What Length Sells Best? by Melisa Michaels

How I Ascended: Becoming an Erotic Goddess by Susan Bright

How I Write: The Process of Creating a Book by Garth Nix

How It Is by Alex Keegan

How Many Words is That? by Writers Write Staff

How Shall I Begin? by Patrika Vaughn

How To Choose a Publisher by Writers Write Staff

How to Create a Character Profile by The Lazy Scholar

How To Open Without A Bang by Alex Keegan

How to Parent Your Book: Six Rules for Writers by Tarn Wilson

How to Publish a Book by Writers Write Staff

I Can Feel the Words by Hazel Edwards

If You Whisper, Convince by Alex Keegan

Internet Research Resources for Historical Writers by Greg Knollenberg

Internet Research Resources for Mystery and Crime Writers by Greg Knollenberg

Internet Research Resources for SF Writers by Greg Knollenberg

Ironing While Watching TV by Alex Keegan

Is That a Hobbit in Your Rocket? by Lois McMaster Bujold, Dave Duncan, and Michael Swanwick

Left, Right, Left, Right: Character! by Alex Keegan

Manufacturing Inspiration by Chris Gavaler

Perseverance: The Key to the Doors of Success, Part I by Mary Dawson

Plotting is a Seven Letter Word by Alex Keegan

Point of View From My Point of View by Alex Keegan

Popular Fiction Book Genres and Subgenres by Writers Write Staff

Proper Manuscript Format by William Shunn

Research Tips From Teri Holbrook by Tabatha Yeatts

Research: When and How Much? by Evan Marshall

Role of Research in the Writing Process, The by Steve Alten

Said Synonyms and Alternatives by Writers Write Staff

Seduction, Not Instruction (Part I) by Alex Keegan

Seduction, Not Instruction (Part II) by Alex Keegan

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: Show and Tell by Renni Browne and Dave King

Short Writers: Long On Science, Big On Creativity by Michael Kryton

Short-Story Competitions: Increasing Your Chances of Winning by Alex Keegan

Sing For Me by Alex Keegan

Stalled Careers, Writer's Block and Monsters Under the Bed by Melisa Michaels

Stealing Stories by Alex Keegan

Strong Verbs Make Your Writing More Powerful by Writers Write Staff

Take a Teaspoon of Science, a Pinch of Fiction, Stir by Lois McMaster Bujold, Tony Daniel and Jack McDevitt

Talkers Talk and Writers Write by Greg Knollenberg

Tell Me A Story by Ellen Sussman

Telling Lies for Fun and Profit: Setting Your Sights by Lawrence Block

The Novice Screenwriter Refuses to Conform by Alex Keegan

Theme Music: Tone is Not an Accident by Alex Keegan

Think Before You Click by Alex Keegan

Tone and Tone Words by Writers Write Staff

Tone: The Writer's Voice in the Reader's Mind by Mort Castle

Tries Hard, Could Do Better by Alex Keegan

Web Resources for Developing Characters by Greg Knollenberg

What IS a Short Story? by Alex Keegan

What if John Wilkes Booth Shot My Grandfather? by Guy Gavriel Kay, Susan Matthews, Sean Russell and Pamela Sargent

What is Three Act Structure? by Stephen J. Cannell

When a Man Writes From a Woman's Viewpoint by Larry Crews

Where Do You Get Your Myths? by Teresa Edgerton, Sean Russell, Martha Wells, and Janny Wurts

Worldbuilding From the Ground Up by Dave Duncan, Dennis Jones, Anne McCaffrey and Juleit McKenna

Writing Query Letters That Sell by Alex Keegan

Writing Suspense: Fiction vs. Reality by Michele Martinez

Writing That Killer Query by Keith Rommel

Writing the Novel by Stephanie Gertler
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