How To Choose a Publisher

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If you have taken the time to write a book, then it only makes sense that you should take the time to find the right publisher for your work. Whether you submit to a small press or self-publish your book you need to carefully review potential publishers before making a decision. There are a variety of models of publishing, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Think ahead and make a list of questions and wants you have regarding your book. See which publisher matches the most of your needs, and gives the best answers to your questions.

Here are some of the issues you should consider in your hunt for an publisher.

Thinking about these issues and asking these types of questions should help you become knowlegable about the differences between publishers. You should also find out if the publisher prefers certain genres over others. For example, if the publisher only publishes fantasy and science fiction, then find out how active it is in the fantasy/sf community. Does it have booths at cons? Does it send people to the conferences? As you network with other writers and do your own research, you will also probably develop some needs and questions of your own. After putting in some solid research time, you should be able to choose a publisher with confidence.

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