Facebook's New Features Will Cause Oversharing, Cluttered News Feeds

Posted on September 23, 2011

Facebook has unleashed a slew of unwelcomed new features. Facebook users were already angry by the addition of top stories to news feeds before Facebook piled on even more aggravating changes.

These new features include a new timeline profile, which features a large photograph on the top, and some apps that lead users to overshare. The Read, Watch and Listen features turned out to be apps, not buttons as had been expected.

There are major privacy issues with the new features. There is also the problem of Facebook user's news feeds being filled with useless information. When people Like content they find online they are choosing to have this information shared with their friends, but when they use one of the apps that shares everything they do, then user's news feeds are going to become less interesting and less useful. Facebook is going to get very cluttered.

Here is NMA TV's animated take on the backlash to Facebook's new features. Take a look:

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