Elisha Cuthbert Blogs for the NHL

Posted on November 14, 2005

The NHL is trying to lure hockey fans to NHL.com with a new blog by actress Elisha Cuthbert called Hollywood Hockey Thoughts. Cuthbert's latest post was about superstition in sports and she wasted no time in stepping into the blogging and journalism debate.
Where along the way did they discover these habits? Like putting their left side equipment on first or not shaving or showering. I would not be surprised if it went even beyond that. I guarantee they're dragging their wives into this whole thing too. I'm going to ask them the next time I see them!!!

Look at me I'm slowly turning into a reporter! LOL

We would give you a permalink but the Cuthbert blog has none to give. Deadspin said she has been posting regularly so far: "No, seriously. She's even blogging pretty regularly; she launched four days ago, and she already has three posts." Off Wing Opinion blogged that Cuthbert was an odd choice:
But the oddest choice among the league's official bloggers is actress Elisha Cuthbert of 24 and The Girl Next Door. Ok, she's Canadian (has the NHL made it a mission to find every Canadian ex-pat living in Hollywood?) and she's easy on the eyes, but come on.

Then again if they gave her a video blog...

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