Eefoof Video Site Promises to Pay Video Sharers

Posted on July 5, 2006

EefoofA new video site called is promising to pay users for the videos they submit. Eefoof? The Web 2.0 names just get better and better as we go along. Eefoof promises to pay users based on the page views their media files generate.

CNET reports that Eefoof will uses an ad revenue share method. CNET says, "Once a month the company tallies the number of page views for each submission. The company then looks at overall traffic and calculates what percentage of the page views was generated by each submission. Ad revenue is divided accordingly."

If you make over $25 Eefoof will then pay you through Paypal.

Many video sharing companies like generate large bandwidth bills so how could a video company both suffer bandwidth costs and pay users and still expect to be profitable? CNET does say the company will not pay for copyright content so don't bother uploading SNL or Daily Show clips in the hopes of earning money.

Image: Eefoof

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