Duquesne University Officials Unhappy With John Grisham

Posted on February 2, 2009

The Associate book cover

Duquesne University officials are very unhappy with bestselling author John Grisham. Grisham's new book, The Associate, mentions a fictional gang rape that happened on the Duquesne University campus in Pittsburgh and officials are worried that it sullies the university's reputation.

Duquesne University spokeswoman Rose Ravasio said in a statement, "As would any institution, we think it's unfortunate that he chose to use our name and associate it with a fictional incident of this nature."

Grisham said in an email to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "It was not my intent or desire to embarrass Duquesne University or make anyone there feel uncomfortable. This is a fictional story that takes place off the campus."

The gang rape is actually based on a real rape incident that happened at the University of Virginia. A former student admitted in 2005 that he raped someone twenty years ago. No doubt the University of Virginia officials are thrilled that he didn't mention their school.

Photo: Dell