Donna Brazile to Publish Book About Hacked 2016 Election

Posted on July 18, 2017

Donna Brazile, former Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and adjunct professor at Georgetown University, is writing a book about the 2016 election and the hacking of the DNC by Russian hackers. In addition to telling the story of the unprecedented attempt by a foreign power to influence our elections, Brazile will also report on infighting, scandal and hubris at the DNC. Her book is titled Hacks.

Brazile says in a statement, "I've been a Democrat all my life, but I'm an American first. At a moment when our democracy is in crisis, it's time to tell the truth about what went wrong in 2016. Our nation is under unprecedented assault, and if we don't get the facts out, it will happen again—and worse than you can imagine."

Mauro DiPreta, publisher of Hachette Books, says, "Donna's first person perspective is eye opening. She provides much needed answers that shed a provocative and at times, disturbing light on the historic 2016 election. Our hope is that HACKS will not only set the record straight, but also provide a cautionary tale for future elections."

Hachette Books will be published on November 7, 2017. We suspect there will be many books published about this shocking and unusual election when all is said and done. Donna Brazile's is certain to be one of the most interesting. The book is available for pre-order on

Image: Hachette

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