Donald Trump Boots Biographer Off Golf Course

Posted on January 1, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump kicked one of his biographers off his golf course Friday in Florida. Harry Hurt, the author of The Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, was set to play golf at the Trump International Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, with billionaire and conservative mega donor David Koch. Hunt's 1993 book is an unflattering biography of the new president elect.

Trump was furious at the content of Hurt's book, which went into detail about -- among other things -- his contentious divorce from his first wife, Ivana. Instead of quietly playing with his foursome, Hurt decided to approach the President Elect at the club. Hurt said in a Facebook post that he just wanted to congratulate Trump on winning the election, but things got heated.

Politico reports that Trump immediately "lashed out at Hurt for the 'shit' he wrote about him." Hurt then told Trump, "It's all true." Well, that didn't go over well and Trump ordered security to escort Hurt off the golf course. David Koch is a member of the Club and said he would leave too, if Hurt was kicked off the course.

Koch is one of the infamous Koch brothers, the billionaire donors that Trump mentioned many times during the Republican primary debates. Trump attacked the other Republican candidates many times for begging for donations from the Koch brothers, declaring that he didn't need their money. Later, his people did approach the Koch brothers, but the brothers never did get involved much in the election after the primaries, comparing the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to be like choosing between cancer and a heart attack.

Trump still holds a grudge, apparently. Politico also reports that Trump lit into David Koch last week when they ran into each other at Mar-a-Lago. Trump again brought up the fact that the Koch brothers didn't support him in the general election.

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