Dilbert Gets Animated

Posted on July 29, 2008

After years of being posted in cubicles and distributed from coworker-to-coworker by email, Scott Adams' Dilbert is adding a daily animated version.

RingTales - the producers of The New Yorker Animated Cartoons and the creative team behind Dreamworks' Over the Hedge animated film - have signed an exclusive deal with United Media, Dilbert's licensing and syndication company, to produce and distribute daily animated versions of the Dilbert comic strip. The deal includes yet-to-be produced strips and over 7,000 comics in the Dilbert library.

The daily Dilbert animated cartoons have their own YouTube channel. They can also be found on iTunes as a free, subscription podcast and they will soon be available via RSS feeds, widgets, mobile and numerous other websites.

"We are excited about the opportunity to bring Dilbert to fans in a whole new form," said RingTales CEO Jim Cox. "By delivering an animated Dilbert five times per week, RingTales and United Media are blazing a new media trail to the future of comics online." RingTales President, Michael Fry, adds "With the addition of Dilbert to our already popular New Yorker animations, we're poised to begin to replicate the habit-forming print comic experience in animation, anywhere people can watch or read comics in digital form."

Scott Adams is pleased with the animated. "The animations are terrific," remarked Scott Adams. "RingTales got everything right on these."

Here's one of the new Dilbert animations.

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