Dilbert Creator Uses Ideas Derived From Blog Comments

Posted on April 25, 2006

There is a Dilbert blog entry where Dilbert author Scott Adams plans to turn one or more of the comments into a Sunday comic. Adams explains how he will turn your comment about an annoying co-worker or boss into a comic in his post. Note: The post is no longer available.

If you work in an office, think about the most annoying co-worker, subordinant, or boss you have at the moment. Then tell me the one thing that he/she did most recently to set you off. (No long background stories please, just the behavior that got you.)

I will be selecting one example from the comments today to make my Sunday comic that will run on 8/13. This is your chance for revenge. (I might use more ideas for other comics, but I'll guarantee that one date.)

I will be ignoring all stories involving food, beverages, bathroom humor and speaker phones. Those are overdone.

Josh Hallett explains how this could come back to haunt the person that ends up in the Dilbert comic. This actually could happen since some of the comments on the Dilbert blog show people's email address along with their comments.

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