Digg on the Block?

Posted on December 18, 2007

Digg is putting itself up for sale. VentureBeat reports that Digghas hired Allen & Company to help it sell itself. VentureBeat says there was a $300 million sale rumor last month.

Has Digg waited too long to get its $300 million? Probably not. Tech bloggers have been focusing much more on the social networking big dogs lately but Digg still has tons of traffic. Digg has lost some of its appeal because of increasing competition but someone will likely pay the big bucks for all its traffic.

Who would want it? Mashable is betting on a big newspaper conglomerate like "Gannett, Tribune, or Cox Newspapers." Valleywag mentions Barry Diller's IAC. Matthew Ingram suggests that Google may buy Digg. Microsoft is said to be selling at least some of the ads on Digg so maybe that's something Google would want to takeover. Microsoft may also want to buy Digg to keep Google from getting it.

There doesn't seem to be quite as much interest in blogging this particular rumor. Some of the other rumors this year were very heavily blogged. Maybe everyone is just about rumored out for 2007.

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