Dick Cheney and the iPod

Posted on December 22, 2005

Most of us are used to seeing teenagers and 20-somethings bobbing their heads to music only they can hear through their iPods. But Vice president Dick Cheney is also an iPod fanatic, who insists that his digital music player be charged and ready to play his favorite tunes at all times. No exceptions, no excuses. Woe betide any staffer who lets the vice-presidential ipod battery run dry. The Independent (U.K) explains:

The vice president is an iPod fan, and keeping it charged is a priority for his staff. Normally that isn't an issue, even when he's flying around the world. Air Force II is equipped with outlets in each row of seats. But when Dick Cheney was traveling home overnight Wednesday from his diplomatic mission, most of the outlets went on the fritz.

Working passengers began lining up their laptops to share the power from a couple of working outlets � particularly the reporters who urgently needed to prepare their articles to transmit during a quick refueling stop in England.

But when Cheney said his iPod needed to be recharged, it took precedent above all else and dominated one precious outlet for several hours. The vice president's press staff intervened so a reporter could use the outlet for 15 minutes to charge a dead laptop, but then the digital music device was plugged back in. That way, Cheney got his press coverage and his music, too

But what music is he listening to? Does he rock out to "My Sharona" by The Knack, as does President Bush? Or does he prefer more mellow tunes, like big band music? Inquiring minds want to know.

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