Denise Brown Refuses to Go On Oprah Winfrey Show With Goldmans

Posted on August 29, 2007

Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, is now refusing to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show with the Goldman family. She is boycotting the publication of If I Did It, and says there is no point going on the show since the book is now definitely going to be published. Here's what Denise said:

Unfortunately, with all the recent developments surrounding the "If I Did It" book, I've decided not to appear on the Oprah show with the Goldmans. And we are still talking with the Oprah show, but it will not be with them, with the Goldmans. At the time of accepting this proposition from Oprah, a publisher was not yet established and publication was still pending. I still hoped that the Goldmans could be swayed from public outcry. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The Browns nor the Goldmans wanted this appalling book to be published in the first place. And it was written because it was written by the man that murdered Nicole and Ron. There was an opportunity for the Goldmans and I to give our differing points of view and also have a reaction from the public to give their point of view. The American public has spoken and continues to speak loud and clear on a petition and a blog that we have at

Since then, the Goldmans have retained a publisher, who is rushing to get this book published as we speak and willing to market this book. And thus, it's made it impossible for me to go on the Oprah show with the Goldmans. First of all, and the most important thing is that I'm here for Nicole's children, for Sydney and Justin. The publishing of this book would send them back into the center of the storm when this murder first happened, this horrific incident in these children's lives 13 years ago.

Second, and for anyone to make available the words of a man who is a lying, murdering sociopath and a batterer, for anyone who was willing to publish something like this, I was up for that fight. I was ready to stand up and say and voice my opinion how disgusted I was to have this book see the light of day. But my intentions today have been clear from the beginning. The Goldmans, they're the ones that have flip-flopped their story. Originally, we did not want this book to see the light of day, and this is where I still stand. The Goldmans have turned our world upside-down by their unfathomable actions.

My work will continue to speak out for victims caught in the dynamics of domestic violence, and I'm here to save lives and to keep my promise to my sister, Nicole, so that she did not die in vain. Fred, please do not publish this book. Don't awaken the nightmare that we have all lived for the last 13 years. Take Simpson for every penny that he is worth without the publication of this book. He's getting moneys from the video game. He's going after that. He's getting � you know, he gets little pennies here and there, I mean, a thousand here, a thousand there. OK. Keep going after that, but don't publish this book.

We have to agree with Denise. And we're surprised that Oprah would do the show, anyway: since it was announced that she would do a show on the book, pre-orders have been rolling in. We won't be reading it, that's for sure.

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