Danielle Steel Talks Betrayal

Posted on April 5, 2012

Danielle Steel Betrayal Cover

Danielle Steel stopped by Good Morning America to talk to Robin Roberts about her new novel, Betrayal. In Betrayal, a successful woman's seemingly perfect world is shattered when she faces embezzlement by the last person she would ever suspect. Danielle talked about her personal feelings experience with betrayal. Her former assistant stole over $750,000 from her.

Danielle says, "It's a huge shock and especially if you're embezzled, you have to get over feeling stupid because everyone looks at you like how could be so dumb you didn't know it was happening."

She says, "You have to get past it and trust people again." Danielle says she is writing lyrics now, a new experience for her, and she is loving the process. Take a look:

Photo: Random House, Inc.