Daily Kos Founder Building Network of 200 Sports Blogs

Posted on February 12, 2006

SB Nation Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is serious about his sports blogging network SB Nation. A Times Online article says Markos is looking for a $1 million angel invester.
"What I found is that blogs work really well in hyper-partisan environments," he tells Times Online. "There are three areas of life that are hyper-partisan: there's politics, obviously, religion, and then there's sports."

So runs the sales pitch for SB Nation, Mr Zuniga's planned network of 200 sports blogs. If the business plans come to fruition - and Mr Zuniga succeeds in raising the $1 million in angel funding he requires - by 2007, it will cover every team in every major league in the US. Then, after hooking into America's hugely popular college sides on the way, it will tackle international football - "soccer, that is".

The policy wonk turned sports pundit is banking on one central principal. He argues that a sense of dislocation from the mainstream media has fuelled the explosion of left-leaning blogs - including the Daily Kos - in America during George W Bush's tenure at the White House. He says that sentiment is mirrored by the frustration of smaller-team fans when the media giants skip their results.

The article also said that Daily Kos now employs three programmers. It also says the site earns tens of thousands of dollars each month. Daily Kos has a large and thriving community of commentors. It will be interesting to see if SB Nation can build a similar community.

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