Cuban Warns Bloggers About Exclusion

Posted on August 16, 2005

Mark Cuban calls them splogs and others call them clogs but they are the same thing and create the same problems -- they gum up the works of blog search engines with spam. Cuban says his Ice Rocket blog search engine has already blocked a great many of them.

Whats a splog? A splog is any blog whose creator doesnt add any written value. Im sure some might argue that packaging data, such as news feeds or the blog posts of others is added value. I dont think it is. After all, thats why there are topics and indexes. If I want information about the Dallas Mavericks, I can search for it, optimize it, and save it. Because indexes are based on freshness, my searches are automatically updated, freshest data first, as new posts are introduced.

How many splogs are there and how many posts do they carry? Its difficult to quantify, but I wouldnt be shocked if we have excluded more than 1mm of them at IceRocket.

Mark Cuban says Blogger is the worst offender and offers a warning for those on and those using .info domains that they are close to being banned from and other blog search providers.
If you are an individual blogger whose blog is hosted on, every day the chances of you being excluded from's, and other search engines' indexes increases. Its not just, pretty much 90plus percent of blogs hosted on .info sites are splogs as well.

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