Craig Ferguson Interviews Stephen King

Posted on August 14, 2012

Craig Ferguson recently conducted a funny interview with author Stephen King on his late night talk show on CBS. King's most recent book is The Wind Through the Keyhole. Stephen King says that in most print interviews he inevitably ends up being asked what he was like as a child that made him filled with so many horrific and wild ideas.

King then talked about an idea for a story he never finished called "The Ladies Room," which he says is the "one place Superman can't go." King says that in the story men's wives keep going into the restroom and never come out. He says he could never figure out what was going on in there and so he couldn't finish the story.

Ferguson said, "I feel like you got me all revved up and then left."

Ferguson is right. King needs to finish the tale and tell us what is going on in there. The conversation then turned to what will happen when Stephen King is gone from this world. King doesn't think he will end up haunting libraries as a ghost after he is dead. King said, "I don't think that I'll be hanging around the libraries of the world saying, 'Take my book....'"

Ferguson replied, "I think you might actually. I think you might actually be doing that."

Take a look:

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