Comedy Central Adds Embed Code to Motherload Clips

Posted on December 13, 2006

Comedy Central EmbedComedy Central has added embed code to many of its video clips offered on its Motherload website. Bloggers can clips from popular Comedy Central shows like the Daily Show, South Park and Colbert Report to their blog posts. You can find the embed codes underneath the video clips. A faq about the new service can be found here.
What is the "Embed" button and how do I use it?
The Embed button provides code that allows you to post MotherLoad videos on your blog or profile page. There are two versions of the code: one for Myspace users and one for users of other sites.

Why does the "Embed" button give two different formats?
Because Myspace does not allow links to external sites from Flash modules, has provided a HTML-based version of the player for Myspace users. This allows Myspace users to rate the video they are watching or search the site for more videos like

One unusual and possibly negative aspect of the service is that the videos expire in a few weeks. An expiration date can be found next to the embed code.
What does the "expired" date mean?
Due to licensing agreements we're unable to keep this clip available on the site past the expiration date. We hope you enjoy it while we have it up.
This might keep some bloggers from wanting to post something that will expire in just over a couple weeks. But at least Comedy Central has finally offered embed code and maybe they will remove the expiration code in the future.

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