Chronicle Books to Publish Senator Barbara Boxer Novel

Posted on December 10, 2004

Chronicle Books has acquired the rights to a novel by United States Senator Barbara Boxer of California. The yet untitled book, to be written with Mary-Rose Hayes, who has written several novels, will be published in November 2005. The authors are represented by Frederick Hill of Frederick Hill/Bonnie Nadell Literary Agency. This is Senator Boxer's first novel.

The novel will tell a tale of personal friendships and betrayal, political in-fighting and pragmatism. The novel follows Ellen from her days as an idealistic college student, through romantic entanglements, to a difficult marriage to a rising political star. When her husband is killed, she steps into his campaign for the Senate and is elected. On the eve of a crucial senate vote, her personal and political worlds collide when her right-wing adversaries recruit her former lover to sabotage her credibility and career.

"Senator Boxer has come up with a great story, and her novel is filled with the insights and complexities of politics that only an insider could tell. Chronicle Books aggressively sought this book, and we're delighted to be publishing it," said Jay Schaefer, editorial director of Chronicle Books.

On November 2, Barbara Boxer was reelected to a third term in the Senate. Other than the presidential candidates, she received more votes than anyone else nationwide running for office, 6.7 million votes, and won by a 20-point margin over Bill Jones, her Republican challenger.

Chronicle Books was founded in 1966 and maintains a list that includes titles in fine art, cookbooks, children's books, music and popular culture.

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