Celebrity Blogging Site Has a Blogmobile

Posted on August 8, 2006

BlogMobileChat With a Star is a celebrity blogging site that currently features blogs by several sports stars. They also claim to have the first BlogMobile. That's a picture of Chat With a Star's mobile blogging rig on the right.
ChatWithAStar.com is the premier destination for fans to get up close and personal with athletes and entertainers through online interactive chats. The chatwithastar.com website features weblogs and interactive chats by celebrities, beginning with current and former professional athletes, to enable them to tell their stories "in their own words" and interact more intimately with fans.

In addition to chats, chatwithastar.com features trivia contests and memorabilia auctions. Among the initial celebrities featured on chatwithastar.com are: Billy Wagner of the New York Mets; NFL veteran Kevin Mawae, who has just signed with the Tennessee Titans; New York Yankees announcer John Sterling; Andy North, former pro golfer and commentator for ESPN; boxer Gerry "King of the Left Hook" Cooney; and Pittsburgh Pirate Hall of Fame player and Hall of Fame broadcaster for the New York Mets, Ralph Kiner.

The celebrities blogging on the site are primarily baseball stars so far. There is also one model blogging -- Beverly Johnson. A good question to ask is do the Chat With a Star celebrities blog inside the truck or from the comfort of their own home?

Update: The Chat With a Star site is no more.

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