Carol Ann Duffy Writes Christmas Poem

Posted on December 14, 2009

The BBC reports that British Poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy has written a Christmas poem. The poem was commissioned by the Radio Times. The poem mentions a number of famous people including US President Barack Obama.

The poem begins: "On the first day of Christmas, a buzzard on a branch. In Afghanistan, no partridge, pear tree; but my true love sent to me a card from home.

"I sat alone, crouched in yellow dust, and traced the grins of my kids with my thumb. Somewhere down the line, for another father, husband, brother, son, a bullet with his name on."

The other 11 verses see the poet give her interpretation of the traditional Christmas song while commentating on the state of society and politics.

The poem also comments on recent events like the financial crisis. Duffy refers to the fiscal crisis when she writes of "bankers' profits fired in greed."

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