Busines 2.0 Launches Blog Network

Posted on November 2, 2006

Business 2.0 is blogging about the launch of their new blog network called Business 2.0 Beta. The network consists of sixteen blogs that will cover business, media and technology.

We are launching with 16 blogs (see below for the full list). Each one ties into business in some way, as well as reflects each individual blogger's interests and obsessions. (The B2 bloggers will cover topics ranging from venture capital, the media industry, and real estate to green startups and design-but also touch upon subjects such as surfing, sailing, and extreme gadgetry). If you want to get a sense of what our mini-network is blogging about, just go to B2 Beta. There, we will feature the best posts as our editors' picks, and we will also republish every single post from across the network in what we call the Spew. You can subscribe to B2 Beta (both the editor's picks and the Spew) via an RSS feed or e-mail. Or, if you prefer, you can get just the the unfiltered Spew. All the ads will be served by CNNMoney.com (where our official Website is also located), and our blogger journalists will get a modest bonus tied to the popularity of each of their blogs. (Yes, we believe blogging is hard work and that bloggers should get paid for that work). Please check out B2 Beta and tell us what you think.
The B2Day blog is now known as thenext.net. Some of the other blogs in the network include Dawn Patrol (VCs and startups), The Pixel Trade (video games), Madison Avenue West (marketing and advertising) and Waterlog (marine tech). The 128 Hours and The Utility Belt are described as blogs that cover gadgets.

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