Bloggers Follow Undefeated Indianapolis Colts

Posted on November 4, 2005

The NFL's undefeated Indianapolis Colts have their regular blog following at Colts blogs and websites like Colts Influence, Colts Couch Crew,, Indy Blue Crew and Indy Stable.

But they are being blogged about more and more by other blogs as their wining streak continues. On the upcoming Monday Night Football game the Colts (7-0) face the New England Patriots (4-3). Patriot bloggers hope the Colts will no longer be undefeated after this game. Some blogs that follow the patriots include Patriots Fanatic,, New England Patriots Post, New England Patriots Pulpit, The Patriot Act, Reiss's Pieces, Mr. Blackandwhite and Land of Patriots.

Even though the Colts are undefeated there appear to be more bloggers that think New England will win Monday's nights game. The key to having a popular sports blog might be that you are able to make a prediction (even if it turns out to be wrong) instead of just speculating about who might win and who might lose. However, if you end up with lots of incorrect picks it will be obvious to any blog reader so this popularity strategy could backfire.

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