Bloggers Continue Blogging About Twitter

Posted on March 15, 2007

A lot of bloggers are still discussing Twitter, a service that lets you post tiny posts (140 characters) from the phone, web or instant message. This type of blogging has also been called microblogging. Here is a chart from Technorati that shows a growing number of Twitter-related posts over the past 180 days.

You may already know that Twitter was a big hit at SXSW. This was where the big upswing in Twitter posts started. Since then Steve Rubel has been asking if people will blog less now that are twittering more. Dave Winer asks whether Twitter will have competitors.

Meanwhile, some bloggers are already ready for Twitter to crash and die. Some argue that Twitter has already peaked or that it is just a fad. For example, Web1797 thinks that "Twitter will flame-out before the end of 2007." Creating Passionate Users reminds everyone that it is the face-to-face interactions that matter most.

Like many other bloggers we have also set up a Twitter for Bloggers Blog (@bloggersblog) for random thoughts or ideas or for stuff that's just too short to blog. We also didn't want to be left lonely and twitterless. Twitter might be more useful to publishers if you could have Twitter on your own domain but that's definitely a feature or service that could (and should) be added in the future. It is impossible to accurately predict what will happen with Twitter but Twitter does seem to have already reached a traffic level that makes it unlikely to just fade away.

For Twitter noobs there is the Twitter Fan Wiki which has links to lots of articles and resources. CNET has created a Newbies Guide to Twitter. Even professionals can make use of Twitter -- GigaOm list eight reasons why.

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