Blogger Spammed With Malware Links

Posted on August 30, 2007

A BBC article says hungreds of Blogger blogs have been spammed with short posts containing a link to booby-trapped downloads that can be used to take over a Windows PC.

Security researcher Alex Eckelberry from Sunbelt Software first noticed the booby-trapped links turning up on Blogger on 27 August.

Now many hundreds of blogs on the site have been updated with a short entry containing the link.

Mr Eckelberry said it was not yet clear how the links were posted to blogs. The bogus entries could have exploited a Blogger feature that lets users e-mail entries to their journal.

The blogs themselves could also be fake and set up solely to act as hosts for spam.

The article says Google has yet to respond to the numerous unwanted blog posts appearing on Blogger blogs. Mashable says the entries are being posted to some of Blogger's many spam blogs. Google needs to regain control of Blogger's spam problems before confused web surfers are taken advantage of by these spammers.

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