Artist Uses Blog to Sell Paintings of Tech Gadgets

Posted on July 12, 2006

Gautam Rao is a painter who has created several paintings of tech gadgets, including the Mac and the iPod. Rao blogs about his paintings and links to them to eBay where they can be purchased. Rao has photographs of some of his work in a blog post on Playful Painter.

The blog post also includes links to eBay where these paintings are currently up for bid. A few of his paintings, including the Mac painting, have already sold.

The Raw Feed briefly summed up Rao's creative practice: "Artist Gautam Rao still paints the old-fashioned way: with paint and brush on canvas. However, his subject matter is a little less traditional: He paints the computer and gadgets on his desk, such as his iPod, his Mac screen and closeups of icons. He even did a self-portrait (his image as it appears on his web cam). And then he blogs the lot and sells them on eBay."

It is an innovative idea. Blogs are a tool more artists should use to showcase and sell their artwork.

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