AP Tells Raw Story They Do Credit Blogs

Posted on April 5, 2006

The Associated Press (AP) wrote a letter to the Raw Story arguing that a plagiarism claim made by the Raw Story was false. In this same letter they also say that the AP does credit blogs and that an AP spokesman who said that the AP only credits blogs that they know was wrong.

An AP spokesman did tell Raw Story that AP does not credit blogs, but he was mistaken. AP does credit blogs when we are aware that they have broken a story first. The spokesman then called Raw Story back to correct his misstatement. Raw Story seems to have taken that correction as an admission of plagiarism, which it emphatically is not.

The Raw Story editor is still angry at the AP and it doesn't sound like the AP plans to modify their story to include a Raw Story credit. However, the Associated Press did issue a correction to a different news story to properly credit the blog TPMmuckraker.com. Hopefully, the AP will credit the Raw Story in the future if Raw Story is the source of a story.

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