Anthony Bourdain Gets His Own Book Imprint at HarperCollins

Posted on September 12, 2011

Book publisher HarperCollins announced that it is giving Anthony Bourdain his own book imprint. Bourdain, who wrote the bestsellers Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw, will have a line of books under his own name, as part of HarperCollins' Ecco imprint. Bourdain's line will publish between three and five books each year. As the host of No Reservations, Bourdain has a wide experience traveling around the world. No doubt the collection will be somewhat eclectic.

Daniel Halpern, President and Publisher of Ecco, said in a statement that Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential was one of the first books published at Ecco. He says, 'As an informal (over the table) advisor to me during this time, his intuition has been unerring -- suggesting such authors as Ferran Adria and Fergus Henderson. Now he's becoming one of us, sort of."

Anthony explained his new venture, saying "I'm doing this because...I can. Anyone who loves books, I think, given the opportunity to work with a legendary character like Daniel Halpern, would jump at the chance. Like me, he's passionate about words, about food, about the broad range of experiences out there -- and I know from my own experience, that he's crazy enough to take a chance on authors whom others have either overlooked or avoided. From my privileged vantage point, I've encountered a lot of extraordinary people with exciting things to say. This is a chance to get those voices heard. We look forward to publishing an unusual mix of new authors, existing works, neglected or under-appreciated masterworks, and translations of people from elsewhere who we think are just too damned brilliant not to be available in English. We're presently looking at an initial list composed of chefs, enthusiasts, fighters, musicians and dead essayists. And we're looking to publish them in a way that's both accessible and respectful of the power of the written word -- and appropriately fetishistic about the tactile joys of the printed page."

We're looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

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