Al Pacino to Star in Film Based on Macolm Gladwell's Blink

Posted on May 13, 2009's Risky Biz Blog reports that Al Pacino will star in a film based on Malcolm Gladwell's nonfiction book, Blink. Blink explores the mind's ability to make split second decisions. Stephen Geghan (Traffic, Syriana, Havoc) is writing the screenplay for the film based on Blink. Risky Biz says Al Pacino's character finds that a son he was never close to is able to size up people and situations extremely rapidly. Al Pacino's character wants to use his son's abilities for a Wall Street money making scheme.

Gaghan's script will center on the relationship between an older man (Pacino) and the twentysomething son he was never close to. The two reconnect early on in the pic, and the boy, an idealistic drifter who's teaching in a downtown New York school, and the father, a finance type living in Connecticut, must navigate their new relationship.

Oh yes, the book. Well, the son has that Blink thing going -- he can size up people and situations on a dime. The Pacino character spots this, and both wants to help the boy find himself and use him to make some dough on Wall Street. It's "Scent of a Woman" with a finance-y twist -- colorful, self-involved older guy mentoring younger ingenue for reasons both selfless and selfish.

It sounds like it could work even though the making dough on Wall Street angle is a little tougher these days.

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