Adorable Baby Bookworm Sobs When a Book Ends

Posted on September 4, 2015

When the Harry Potter series ended we felt so sad that it was all over. Adorable ten month old baby Emmett Stevers feels exactly the same way when any of his books come to an end. His parents noticed that whenever a book ended, little Emmett began to sob uncontrollably. The tears were replaced with smiles as soon as the parent started reading the book over from the beginning. The video of Emmett's love for books has already had 2.5 million views. Because he is just adorable.

This is one of the book worm's favorites, and on his reading list for today. What are you reading? 📚🐛 #saddestbookworm #emmettsbookclub #wherethewildthingsare #books #read #wild

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Emmett's mom Alicia told ABC News that about a month ago Emmett began crying when a book. She explained, "We don't really know why he cries, but it seems that he just genuinely doesn't want to be done reading."

Alicia said that he's a really happy baby and that -- other then when a book ends -- he rarely gets upset. There is a good reason that Emmett loves his books so much. Alicia says that "We don't let him play with any screens or tablets, or watch TV or anything like that and are more minimalist with toys...We're trying to instill a love of reading and simplicity. He has books all over the house and never gets tired of them." Ah, the light dawns. This is Emmett's favorite form of entertainment. Children who have tablets are mesmerized by them and will usually pick them over a book. Perhaps his parents are on to something. Here's the video:

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