A Dramatic Step by John Kerry

Posted on February 9, 2005

John Kerry got behind presumed new DNC Chair Howard Dean today, pledging $1 million to the DNC for grassroots organizing. Kerry wrote in an email to supporters today:

A new DNC Chair will be elected at the end of this week. Let's make sure that he has everything he needs to start strong. The Democratic Party should have powerful and nimble organizations in every single county and precinct. There's only one way to win - we've got to compete everywhere, all the time. Our party should be a constant positive presence in every American community, and we can be if we tap into the grassroots energy of volunteers.
Kerry is also asking for donations of both money and time from supporters to grow the grassroots Democratic organization over time. Since Dean got behind Kerry and campaigned hard on his behalf, it's only sportsmanlike for Kerry to get behind Dean as he takes the reins of the DNC. And, speaking of that, has this campaign for head of the DNC gone on longer than the presidential campaign, or is that just me? I mean, honestly, it's unseemly. What happened to the smoke-filled rooms? The secret deliberations and a sudden announcement that "this is the new leader"? Kerry, not exactly a shrinking violet, has decided to step forward and support Dean and his efforts for the 2006 midterms. No flip-flopping here. We'll see if other party powerhouses follow suit. If they don't, the Republicans are going to eat their lunch in the midterms.

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