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Resources for Poets

Writers Write Guidelines Database
This database of writer's guidelines allows you to search for non-paying or paying markets. The directory can be searched for only the markets that accept poetry by selected the poetry option.

Poets & Writers
Poets & Writers is the online website for the print publication by the same name. The site features information, resources, links and a valuable discussion facility called Speakeasy, which provides poets a forum for discussing their work and poetry-related topics.

Arts Wire
Arts Wire is an online arts resource which provides a weekly newsletter, Arts Wire Current, which contains current news on the arts. In addition to current new items Arts Wire Current also contains job listings, news of upcoming conferences and calls for manuscripts.

Zuzu's Petals
This popular website provides an award-winning online literary magazine in addition to an extensive resource for poets & writers. Be sure to look through the collection of literary magazine links to see if any of them may be potential markets for your poetry. Zuzu also provides regular poetry competitions.

Wocky Jivvy
Wocky Jivvy is a search engine for poetry resources. In addition to searching the directory visitors can also browse the directory by category. A great way to find a particular poetry resource or to begin your poetry research.

Poetry at
This frequently updated resource contains poetry resources, online chat, poetry news, information about new poetry contests, site reviews, links, a message board and information on what is happening in the online poetry world.

Glossary of Poetic Terms
This glossary will help familiarize the beginning Poet will commonly used poetic terms. The glossary contains definitions, hyperlink cross-references, examples of use and phonetic pronunciation . The site also includes links to related resources. An excellent reference.

Yahoo! Poetry
Yahoo's Poetry section contains thousands of links for Poets covering topics including beat generation, epic poetry, haiku, publishers, web published poetry and writing.

Academy of American Poets
The Academy of American Poets website contains information about this renowned organization, details on awards and upcoming events, National Poetry Month, member information and a comprehensive resource section.

Poetry Society of America
The PSA website contains information about the organization and how to join, The PSA Journal which includes advice from editors about how to get your poems published and a resource section with poetry links.

Zeugma is a free, but focused, online workshop for Poets. Zeugma also contains Writeria, a resource section for writers, which contains writing resource links and links to schools providing MFA programs.

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