Coffee Memes

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Coffee is something many people cherish at the start of the day so it is not surprising that there are many coffee-related memes. Many of us writers love coffee. We are fueled by caffeine and enjoy coffee humor. This article explores some of the most popular coffee memes and provides resources where you can find even more.

Internet memes use photographs with bold captions to express common sentiments. Coffee memes tend to follow certain coffee drinking themes and express the needs and feelings of coffee drinkers worldwide.

Types of Coffee Memes

Here are a few of the more common coffee memes:
There are two images from The Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants that are often used in coffee memes. They include the Lisa drinking coffee image and the Spongebob staring at his mug.

People also share funny animated coffee GIFs on blogs and social media. You can find some great ones at Giphy and Gfycat. Here's Jerry Seinfeld enjoying a cup of coffee:

Coffee Meme Resources

Here are some great coffee meme resources and links to places where coffee memes frequently appear: