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Here you will find our coverage of writers' strikes, such as the strike of 2007-08.

  • WGA Writers on Strike Over Streaming, AI and Preserving the Writers' Room (2023-05-02): The WGA writers are on strike after failing to come to an agreement with AMPTP. The issues include streaming, AI and preserving the writers' room.

  • Writers Reach Deal With Studios, Writers Strike Averted (2017-05-07): The boards of directors of the WGA West and WGA East voted to approve a new 3 year deal with the studios. Now the membership must vote.

  • Negotiations Continue as Writers' Strike Looms (2017-04-27): No deal has been reached between the WGA and studios. The WGA has voted to strike if no deal is reached by May 1, 2017.

  • One Year After the Writers' Strike (2009-02-11): Variety examines the state of Hollywood one year after the writers' strike and the conclusion is that times are tough.

  • Writer's Strike Cost Los Angeles Economy $2.5 Billion (2008-02-19): The Associated Press reports that an estimate by Jack Kyser - chief economist of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp - says the writer's strike cost the local Los Angeles economy $2.

  • Hollywood Writers Return to Work (2008-02-13): Hollywood writers returned to work today after a hard fought strike that was fought both on the streets of Hollywood and New York in picket lines and on the Internet with blogs and videos like Writer Boi.

  • All Over But the Voting for Striking Writers (2008-02-11): Now that the leadership has voted to approved the tentative deal with the AMPTP, the membership must vote by Tuesday whether to end the strike.

  • Tentative Deal Reached in Writers' Strike (2008-02-09): At long last, our national nightmare may be over.

  • WGA Says No Contract Draft Yet (2008-02-08): Nikkie Finke reports that as of 3:30 Pacific time, there still is no draft contract for the WGA to show its membership on Saturday.

  • WGA Members Meet Saturday to Hear Terms of Deal (2008-02-07): WGA Presidents Patric Verrone (WGA West) and Michael Winship (WGA East) sent a letter to members confirming that a tentative deal with the AMPTP is close.

  • More Details on the WGA-AMPTP Agreement (2008-02-04): The L.

  • Writers' Strike Has Changed TV Viewing Habits (2008-02-03): A new survey reveals that the writers' strike is having a major impact on the habits of television viewers.

  • The Writers' Strike and the Future of Television (2008-02-01): As the writers' strike drags on (we're at day 89 or so, by last count) bored journalists have taken to writing endless pieces about how agents have nothing to do all day and how a strike causes economic hardship (no, really?).

  • WGA Grants Grammys a Waiver (2008-01-28): The WGA has granted the Grammys an interim agreement that will allow Guild writers to write content for the February 10th show.

  • Paul Haggis Is Suspicious (2008-01-20): Stories have appearing in the trade papers saying how great the DGA deal is and that the WGA should gratefully accept the same deal.

  • DGA Cuts Deal With AMPTP (2008-01-17): The Directors Guild of America (DGA) has announced that it has reached a tentative deal with the AMPTP after only five days of negotiations.

  • Jessica Bendinger on the Writer's Strike (2008-01-16): Jessica Bendinger, the writer of Bring it On and Stick It, has a video on the aworkingwriter website (no longer available).

  • WGA Gives Image Awards a Waiver (2008-01-16): The WGA announced that it has singed an interim agreement with the NAACP for The 39th NAACP Image Awards, which will take place on February 14, 2008, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

  • Studios Invoke Force Majeure: Cancel Development Deals (2008-01-15): The studios are still playing chicken with the WGA.

  • WGA Strikes Deal With 500 CBS News Workers (2008-01-09): The WGA has reached a tentative contract deal with 500 CBS news employees.