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The section contains the latest news about writing for television from our blogs. You may also be interested in our screenwriting section.

  • MacGuffins in TV and Film - learn more about the MacGuffin term attributed to Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Nicholas Sparks Turns His Divorce into a Sitcom for ABC (2015-10-07): Bestselling romance novelist Nicholas Sparks has turned his divorce into a half hour sitcom for ABC. It will focus on a romance novelist trying to re-enter the dating pool.

  • Chinese Censors to Screenwriters: No More Time Travel Plots (2011-04-12): The Chinese censors are at it again.

  • Happy Days Writer Defends Jumped the Shark Episode (2010-09-07): The phrase "jump the shark" has come to mean the point in time when a show has started moving towards its inevitable demise.

  • TV Viewership Down After Writers' Strike (2008-05-07): Since the writers' strike ended, television shows have not been rebounding to their previous viewership levels.

  • The Writers' Strike and the Future of Television (2008-02-01): As the writers' strike drags on (we're at day 89 or so, by last count) bored journalists have taken to writing endless pieces about how agents have nothing to do all day and how a strike causes economic hardship (no, really?).

  • 24 Writers Decide to Scale Back on Torture Scenes (2007-02-19): Screenwriters for the hit television show 24 now say that they are going to cut back on the number of torture scenes in the show.

  • Britney Spears and the Sitcom Writers (2006-03-30): Britney Spears is going to be a guest star on Will and Grace.

  • The Complex World of Product Placements (2005-11-16): E Online's Answer B!tch shares the scoop about those product placements that the Writers Guild is so unhappy about.

  • Hyperion to Publish Mansucript Featured on Lost (2005-11-03): The television show Lost is getting ready to break new ground once again.

  • Reality TV Writers To Unionize (2005-06-21): The Writers Guild says that the majority of writers on reality television shows want to unionize.

  • Pamela Anderson is Blogging With the Cast of Stacked (2005-04-07): The cast of Stacked are blogging on the Friendster website.

  • WGA Says Reality Shows are Scripted (2004-08-10): The Writers Guild wants reality TV shows listed as "scripted" shows, in order to be covered by the guild contract for TV writers.