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Here are the latest posts about Tom Wolfe on Writers Write:

  • Tom Wolfe Takes Aim at Fallen CEOs (2009-08-26): Tom Wolfe has a new short story in Vanity Fair magazine called "The Rich Have Feelings, Too, in which he channels the self-righteous anger of the CEOs who have lost jobs and perks like private jets after the bottom fell out of the banking industry.

  • Tom Wolfe Gives a History Lesson (2005-01-30): In today's New York Times, bestselling author and social commentator Tom Wolfe gives readers a history lesson about how the Monroe Doctrine and nation-building are alive and well in American politics.

  • Tom Wolfe Wins Dreaded Bad Sex Prize (2004-12-23): Britain's Literary Review horrified bestselling author Tom Wolfe when it announced last week that Wolfe had won the award that no writer wants to win, the Bad Sex Award.