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Here are the latest posts about SNL on Writers Write:

  • SNL Cold Open: Jason Sudeikis Returns as Mitt Romney (2016-03-06): Jason Sudeikis returns as Mitt Romney in hilarious SNL Cold Open. Mittens has a strong message for Donald Trump.

  • SNL Cold Open: President Obama's Social Media Campaign Goes into Overdrive (2014-03-30): In this SNL cold open, President Obama agrees to increasingly silly social media stunts to promote signups.

  • Julie Taymor Settles Royalty Claims Lawsuit Over Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (2013-04-10): Entertainment Weekly reports that the big lawsuit over Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has finally be settled.

  • SNL Skit: President Obama Explains the Effects of the Sequester Budget Cuts (2013-03-03): Saturday Night Live opened with a skit about the sequester and who the budget cuts will affect most.

  • SNL Skit: Marco Rubio Needs a Drink of Water (2013-02-17): SNL took aim at Marco Rubio's infamous water gulping incident with Taran Killam playing Rubio. Watch the hilarious skit!

  • SNL Cold Open: Boehner and Obama Discuss Fiscal Cliff Agreement (2012-12-09): For the Saturday Night Live cold open, President Obama (Jay Pharoah) and John Boehner (Bill Hader) have a press conference to announce a deal on the fiscal talks.

  • SNL Cold Open: Obama Romney Town Hall Debate (2012-10-21): Saturday Night Live opened with a skit about the town hall presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

  • SNL Cold Open: Biden-Ryan Vice Presidential Debate (2012-10-14): The Cold Open for Saturday Night Live last night was a skit about the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) and Paul Ryan (Taran Killam).

  • SNL Skit: Al Sharpton Discusses J.P. Morgan Scandal Starring Kenan Thompson and Mick Jagger (2012-05-20): In this Saturday Night Live skit Kenan Thompson is Al Sharpton, the host of Politics Nation.

  • SNL Cold Open: Joe Biden Chats With His Friend George W. Bush Starring Jason Sudeikis and Will Ferrell (2012-05-14): Will Ferrell hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

  • SNL's Andy Samberg Does the Worst Sarah Palin Impersonation Ever (2012-03-12): You've been warned.

  • SNL Pokes Fun at Rush Limbaugh's Loss of Sponsors (2012-03-11): Saturday Night Live spoofed Rush Limbaugh with its Cold Open.

  • SNL Skit: James Carville Discusses Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney Starring Bill Hader (2012-03-04): Bill Hader pulled out his amazing James Carville impersonation on Weekend Update.

  • SNL Skit: The Obamas on The Cosby Show (2012-02-19): In this Saturday Night Live skit from last night's show, the Obama family has created a new sitcom which is modeled after The Cosby Show.

  • SNL Skit: Newt Gingrich, Moon President Starring Bobby Moynihan and Kristen Wiig (2012-02-05): The Cold Open for Saturday Night Live was a skit in which Newt Gingrich (Bobby Moynihan) has left the Earth to become president of the Moon Colony.

  • What Goes On in the Writers' Room at Saturday Night Live (2011-12-13): Ever wondered what goes on in the writers' room at Saturday Night Live? Wonder no more.

  • SNL Skit: Donald Trump Hosts a Tiny GOP Debate (2011-12-11): Saturday Night Live brought back Darrell Hammond to skewer Donald Trump who is determined to moderate a GOP debate (even though he still may run for president).

  • SNL Cold Open: President Obama Explains the Power Structure in the U.S. (2011-12-04): Fred Armisen did the cold open for Saturday Night Live last night.

  • SNL Cold Open: Mitt Romney, Raw and Unleashed Starring Jason Sudeikis (2011-11-20): Jason Sudeikis returns as Mitt Romney in this new SNL skit.

  • Saturday Night Live Skewers Rick Perry's Debate Flubs (2011-11-13): Saturday Night Live took aim at Rick Perry's latest debate gaffe, with a few pokes at Herman Cain's sexual harassment scandals.