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Here you will find the latest posts from the Writer's Blog and Readers Read about reading habits and trends.

  • Book Memes and Reading Memes - read about some funny, popular memes having to do with books and reading.

  • Yale Study Finds Those Who Read More Books Live Longer (2016-08-05): Want to live a longer life? Then pick up a book and get reading. Yale researchers say that reading confers longevity benefits.

  • British Court Strikes Down Ban on Sending Books to Prisoners (2015-01-24): The British high court has ruled that books must be struck from the list of items that cannot be sent to prisoners. Many authors campaigned for the ban to be overturned.

  • Amazon Reveals List of Most Well-Read Cities in U.S. (2011-05-28): Amazon.

  • Clever Become Someone Else Campaign Promotes Reading (2011-05-15): The postsers for this campaign promoting reading are very clever. The campaign is called Become Someone Else.

  • Wealthy Reading More Than Ever (2008-09-04): There has been a lot of doom and gloom in the newspaper and magazine business because of falling readership.

  • Are Books the New Cigarettes? (2008-07-28): Are books the new cigarettes? A new program in Britain called the Adopt a Book Scheme aims to encourage reading in the workplace.

  • Big Brother Is Watching You Read (2007-09-20): A new report says that Homeland Security is watching what you read on airplanes, presumably to see if you are a terrorist.

  • Bookstore Owner Burns Books in Protest (2007-05-28): Former Missouri bookstore owner Tom Wayne is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore.

  • What Other Writers Read (2007-02-05): What authors do authors like to read? Post-Gazette book editor Bob Hoover reports on a recent book which collects all the favorite books by 125 top authors, such as Michael Chabon, Stephen King, Norman Mailer, Annie Proulx and Jonathan Franzen.

  • Libraries Dump the Classics (2007-01-03): The classics are being pulled from libraries to make way for contemporary works.

  • Book Fashion Hits Ukraine (2006-03-17): It's no secret that we love books around here and tend to tote them wherever we go.

  • Books in Vending Machines (2005-08-22): It appears that we are one step closer to the alternate reality created by British author Jasper Fforde in his hilarious mystery series starring Tuesday Next, a sort of time cop who enforces the law in a literary-mad society.

  • Creative Writing Sweeps America (2004-07-16): A recent NEA Report (PDF) was a real shocker.