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Here are the latest posts about Plagiarism on Writers Write:

  • Clarkesworld Magazine Temporarily Closes Submissions After Surge in ChatGPT Generated Stories (2023-02-22): Clarkesworld magazine has closed to submissions temporarily after receiving a large number of submissions clearly generated with the help of the AI tool ChatGPT.

  • Trump's Supreme Court Pick Neil Gorsuch Faces Plagiarism Accusations (2017-04-05): Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch is facing charges that he plagiarized his book.

  • Trump Nominee Monica Crowley Felled by Plagiarism Scandal (2017-01-17): Trump nominee Monica Crowley has withdrawn from consideration for NSC post after major plagiarism scandal.

  • Melania Trump's RNC Speech Triggers Plagiarism Allegations (2016-07-19): Melania Trump gave an excellent speech at the RNC last night. But now she is being accused of plagiarism Michelle Obama's 2008 speech to the DNC.

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon Sues Cassandra Clare for Trademark and Copyright Infringement (2016-02-18): Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare is being sued by bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon who says Clare ripped off her Dark Hunter series to create the Shadowhunter series

  • Man Asian Prize Winner Shin Kyung-sook Caught in Plagiarism Scandal (2015-06-25): South Korean author Shin Kyun-sook has been busted for plagiarizing the work of Japanese author Yukio Mishima. But there are more allegations.

  • Romance Novelist Rachel Ann Nunes Sues Kindergarten Teacher for Plagiarism (2014-09-08): Women's fiction author Rachel Ann Nunes is suing a teacher for copyright violation and online harassment. The kindergarten teacher is accused of blatant plagiarism.

  • CNN Fires News Editor Marie-Louise Gumuchian for Plagiarism (2014-05-16): CNN has fired news editor Marie-Louise Gumuchian for plagiarism. CNN says it identified 50 articles with plagiarized content.

  • Shia LaBeouf Apologizes for Plagiarism Using Sky Writing (2014-01-02): Shia LaBeouf hires sky writing plane to apologize to Daniel Clowes for plagiarizing his work in new film.

  • J.K. Rowling Adamantly Denies Plagiarism Charges (2010-02-23): J.

  • Cassie Edwards and Signet Part Ways (2008-04-18): Romance novelist Cassie Edwards and her publisher Signet have parted ways as a result of the plagiarism scandal that rocked the romance world.

  • Words Matter: Does Plagiarism? (2008-02-18): In 1988 Joe Biden's run for the presidency was obliterated when he was found to have lifted words from a British politician's speech.

  • Finding and Fighting Blog Plagiarism (2007-02-15): Aral Balkan busted RexyStudios for copying two of his blog posts and passing them off as their own work.

  • Creepy Content Doppelgangers Plagiarize Personal Bloggers (2006-09-19): Even personal blogs are not immune from plagiarism.

  • AP Credits Raw Story, Rude Pundit in Coulter Plagiarism Story (2006-07-08): A new AP story has mentioned plagiarism charges leveled against right-wing columnist and author Ann Coulter.

  • Why Do Plagiarists Do It? (2006-04-28): Now that How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life by Kaavya Viswanathan has been yanked from the bookshelves because of the author's blatant plagiarism of Megan McCafferty's work, Jack Shafer of Slate examines the question of why people plagiarize.

  • How Kaayva Viswanathan Plagiarized, Lied And Still Doesn't Seem To Get It (2006-04-27): The plagiarism scandal of Harvard undergraduate scandal is heating up.

  • Blogger Ben Domenech Resigns From Washington Post in Plagiarism Scandal (2006-03-24): Blogger Ben Domenech, a co-founder of the RedState blog, has resigned from his new gig as the blogger of The Washington Post's new conservative blog called Red America.

  • Who Writes Those Letters to the Editor? (2005-04-24): Think that those well-written letters to the editor in your local newspaper are always written by real people? Think again, says the Contra Costa Times.

  • Novelist Murray Bail Answers Plagiarism Charges (2005-02-04): The Sydney Morning Herald reports that author Murray Bail, author of the award-winning novel Eucalyptus which is currently being made into a move starring Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe in Australia, has been hit with a charge of plagiarism.