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J.D. Salinger was an American writer who became very famous for his first novel, The Catcher in the Rye. The novel continues to sell well today. Salinger also wrote several other novels and short stories during his career. Here are the latest posts about J.D. Salinger on Writers Write:

  • Three Unpublished J.D. Salinger Manuscripts Leaked Online (2013-11-30): Three J.D. Salinger manuscripts that are only available to scholars at Princeton and UT have been leaked online after a strange Ebay auction.

  • New Documentary and Book Claim a Treasure Trove of New J.D. Salinger Works to be Released in 2015 (2013-08-25): New documentary and movie claim a treasure trove of works by J.D. Salinger will be released starting in 2015

  • J.D. Salinger's Toilet for Sale on eBay (2010-08-18): There are some unusual things on eBay. A J.D. Salinger toilet is among them. Will it help you write better?

  • JFK Library to Display Letter That J.D. Salinger Sent Hemingway (2010-03-25): A letter that a young J.D. Salinger sent to Ernest Hemingway is going to be displayed for the public for the very first time.

  • Secret J.D. Salinger Documentary to be Released This Spring (2010-01-29): Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that this spring -- probably at the Cannes film festival -- a new documentary about J.

  • Judge Stops Publication of Catcher in the Rye Sequel (2009-07-01): A federal district court judge in Manhattan has ruled that a Swedish author may not publish a sequel to J.

  • J.D. Salinger Sues Anonymous Author of Catcher in the Rye Sequel (2009-06-01): J. D. Salinger is suing the author writing a Catcher in the Rye sequel. Only Salinger can write that novel and he has chosen not to.

  • Top Five Most Challenged Books in 2005 (2006-09-28): This week (September 23-30) is Banned Books Week.